Andra Sidan Atlanten

Day 14
I haven't really been active but it's because I haven't done much this week. I started all my classes and applied for an internship with an organizatoin called WeDu. I have the interview next monday at 4.30 pm.. so let's wait and see. My throat has been sore for about a week now, and it started when we went to Erawan falls last weekend because of the AC at the hostel... I think it's not going away and getting worse because of the really bad air in Bangkok. However, in Thailand you're able to get antibiotics and pretty much anything over the counter at the farmacy, so yesterday I went and got everything I needed, so let's hope it  gets better soon. 
My room has been incredibly hot since I changed and I yesterday I realized that opening the window makes it 100 times better, haha. I thought that the humidity would  make it worse, but the wind is pretty chilly up here, compared to on the fouth floor. This weekend I'm not doing anything, right now I'm just laying in my bed watching netflix and trying to organize trips around Thailand. There is sooo much to see.
I wanna try to find good markets around Bangkok as well, to try new food. Yesterday I had some kind of pancake with corn, and another one with coconut. It's some kind of Thai dessert, next time I'll make sure to take a piicture of it cause it is delicious. 
Btw, I dyed my hair blue/gray last night with another girl (Ari). I have no idea if the color is permanent or temporary... let's wait and see. 
20190115 Pollution in Bangkok
Well, isn't that wonderful. 
Day 10
First of all I can't believe I've been in Bangkok for ten days! I've changed to a room on the top floor with a better kitchen and my apartment now is much better planned as well. I'll be posting more when I get settled in. 
Today was the first day of school and the class I've been looking forward to the most, called "International Organizations and Human Rights". Our teacher seems really chill and she's also the director for another class I'm taking so I've talked to her before. She had to leave early, so instead of a three hour class, we only had class for 30 minutes. After class I went to the mall to meet up with the other girls since I got out early. I bought a new skirt and a matching croptop, but that's not important... beacuse I FOUND REAL CHEESE!! They had a variety of selecion of cheeses and I found one of my favorites from Sweden, which I had to buy. Back home it's half the price but I'm gonna enjoy it twice as much here. 
I also got into an argument with a scootertaxi today cause I gave me a price and then asked for more. He wanted 70 Baht before I got on the scooter, but we agreed on 50. When I got dropped off he told me to pay 60... I gave him 50 and told him I'm not giving him more. We argued for a while before I turned around and just left. The funny thing in this situation is that the difference of 10 Baht is 2.5 SEK (30 cents)... I don't mind paying it but don't try to trick me.