Andra Sidan Atlanten

Day 7-9 First Weekend trip in Thailand
This past weekend I decided last minute to join a group of girls to go outisde of Bangkok to Erawan Waterfalls. The waterfalls are beautiful and the scenary getting there too. We jumped on a train taking us to a small town called Kanchanaburi. 
Day 7 
On friday we got the train to the place we were spending the following two nights. The hostel we stayed at is one of the best ones I've ever stayed at, and the onwer of the place was really nice. We roamed around Kanchanaburi the day we got there and went to a night market, which we later found out was the 'wrong' market, but it was great anyway. 
Day 8 - Erawan Falls 
We started the day by walking to a pretty fancy café right next to our hostel to have breakfast before getting on a bus to Erawan Falls. 
Breakfast at Library Café
Erawan National Park
Local dinner place. Being a vegitarian here is next to impossible, some places serve tofu but most just have fis/seafood and meat. I've been eating a lot more seafood and fish since I got here. I'm happy I have a kitchen though so that I can still cook vegetarian meals. 
Day 9
We woke up pretty early to catch the train back to Bangkok, but once we got there we realized the didn't leave at 10, but at 2pm... so we ended up grabbing a tuk tuk back to the hostel waiting for the train! 
Hello and goodbye in Thai
สวัสดี [S̄wạs̄dī Khâ]