Andra Sidan Atlanten

Today I woke up feeling extremely tired after the weekend away. We had a pretty intense schedule and barely got the time to sleep. I'm currently sitting on the rooftop of my building and, studying for the first time since I got here. I have one group presentation this week, a paper due next week and 1000 words to write on last weeks, and this weeks class. In two weeks it's midterms and after that mom is here! I actually only have one midterm, which feels great because the other classes I'm taking just wants us to have presentations. Although I hate presentations, I prefer it over writing a 4000 word paper, or having an exam. This weekend I'm going to a national park with some girls, in southern Thailand called Khao Sok, look it up - it looks beautiful! I have to get back to studying now, but I'll update you later on what's going on!