Andra Sidan Atlanten

Eight days to go
Christmas is over and now awaits new years. Christmas this year was really great, Dan came to visit with his girlfriend Kate, all the way from DC and they both celebrated christmas with my mom and my dad. Other than celebrating I have been working as usual and I shouldn't complain cause it's a great way for me to save for future travels while I'm in South East Asia.
It's almost midnight and I'm currently sitting laying in my bed just taking in the fact that tomorrow is going to be the last night in my apartment... On sunday the people that are renting my apartmnet, are going to have acess to the apartment! It feels kinda werid and scary at the same time. My apartment is almost fully packed into moving boxes, twelve of them!! Twelve moving boxes and three suitcases are packed and the only things left are things I'm either bringing to Thailand or giving away to my mom, Fredde or grandma. My wardrobe is empty, my kitchen drawers are empty and I feel like I'm packing way too much but so far I've only packed one large suitcase and I'll be bringing a backpack to carry my computer! 
Countdown: 8 days