Andra Sidan Atlanten

Day 2 and 3
So, yesterday was my first offical day in Bangkok and I didn't do much... I kinda panicked when I got here and started doubting why I came here. I don't know anybody yet and I think it's hard when I'm all alone in a city I've never been to before and it is a lot different from anything I've ever seen. Even though I love to travel alone, it's different when you move someplace new. I called my mom crying because it just got too much at the same time.. she told me to go to IKEA today. Guess what I did? I went to IKEA. 
My apartment is really nice, much nicer than I expected and the people working here are extremely nice, especially one girl. She speaks really good english (which is rare here). She took me to get bedsheets, stuff for the kitchen and groceries and to get me a sim-card. I have a new number, one that I can't remember and I really don't have to because I can't make any calls but I've got unlimited data for 60 the people that can't understand Swedish Krona, it's freakin cheap! Other than that I didn't do much yesterday... I felt kinda lonely after being all alone for too long and don't knowing anybody here doesn't make it easier. 
Today I actually left my apartment and went exploring! I took the bus which was an adventure on its own... Nobody spoke english and you kinda jump on and off while he's slowing down and there are no stop buttons, so I started pointing to the road until the women collecting the busfare told the busdriver. I went to something called Wat Arun, and it was BEAUTIFUL! It is a temple not too far away from where I live (1.5 km). After that I went to IKEA for about two about and got everything I needed for my apartment. Today was just a very easy and chill day, and I just strolled around my neighbourhood, which I love. The gates to the houses are so pretty and it's quiet here (except for the rooster that crows at 5am).
The only con about living here is that it's pretty far away to everything. I'm on the "wrong" side of the river but it is much cheaper to live here and I am pretty close to school. I asked the people working here what the easiest way to school would be and according to them I should get on a Tuk-Tuk ( google it if you don't know what it is) and then get on the ferry to school... I'm not ready for the Tuk-Tuk just yet, so for now I'll be using the Thai version of Uber called Grab.
I bought a fan thinking it was black, but apperently the colors were in Thai and I got a pink one. 
Trying not to look pale, but I do
Such a beautiful Temple! Wat Arun!
Wat Arun - It's hard to understand how big it is unless you've been here because the pictures don't do it justice. 
Wat Arun
Next are some pictures from my apartment so that you get to see where I'll be living the next five months!
I got O'boy, knäckebröd and Swedish bread (polarbröd och tunnbrödsrullar) at IKEA. I found a place that sells Swedish cheese!! I need real cheese because the cheese here is just like the cheese in America... It's even the same brand and everything. Horrible. 
The outside of the apartment complex I'm staying at!
Good night everybody!