Andra Sidan Atlanten

20190109 - Orientation day (Day 5)
Today has been a very long day with orientation starting at 8am and having a full scheduele since! We just got some general information about rules and regulations on the school and in Thailand. Apperantly it is considered disrespectful to show the sole of your foot and to sit so that it is showing. My faculty here in Thailand is Social Administration, SPD which basically means social development studies. I'll be taking classes in human rights and politics while I'm here and a part of our program is that we can apply for internships with people and get credits for it (högskolepoäng). Almost all of the organizations we can chose from came to Thammasat today and talked about their organizatoin and I really liked one, so I hope I'll get it! After their presentatoins we all went out for dinner that the teachers /Thammasat paid for, at a really cozy place right next to school! 
I'm laying in bed right now trying to figure out how I'm gonna finish my final paper for my class in Sweden but have decided to postpone it until tomorrow and watch netflix now! Ciao. t