Andra Sidan Atlanten

Sivalai Place - Bangkok
Innan jag lägger mig idag ska jag göra två saker. 1. Bloggen kommer numera vara på engelska för alla som inte förstår svenska (men alla svenskar förstår engelska). 2. Visa er vart jag kommer bo under tiden jag bor i Thailand.
As of today, I'll be writing everything in English to make sure everybody understands what I'm talking about and not just look at the pictures I'll be posting. During my six months in Thailand I'm gonna be staying at a place called Sivalai Place, it was recommended to me by my univerity in Bangkok. I also found more information about the place in a facebook group with people that live in Bangkok. 
I'll be staying in a 1BR, which in Sweden is considered a 2BR (one bedroom, one livingroom). The complex offers a pool, fitness center and tennis courts. There's also a Sauna and this was actually one of the few apartments I found with a kitchen! I'll upload some pictures that Sivalai Place has sent me so far, and some pictures I found on Tripavdisor! Once I get to Bangkok and I'm a bit settled in, I'll be uploading more pictures from my apartment and the surrouding area! 
Countdown: 16 days
This is the locaiton of the apartment in Bangkok 
This is what a room could potentially look like 
The tennis courts that belong to Sivalai Place 
The pool!